1. Get Excited About Learning
  2. Flexible Time Management part 1: The Basics
  3. Flexible Time Management part 2: Four Power Strategies
  4. Take Notes You’ll Want to Study
  5.  Reading to Learn – Not Just Pass the Test
  6. . Learning Habits, Learning Skills, Study Habits: An introduction to 4 videos on Study Skills
  7. Verbal Organization: Part 1 of Study Skills
  8. Visual Organization: Part 2 of Study Skills
  9. Critical Thinking is Thinking for Yourself: Part 3 of Study Skills
  10. Pathways to Memory: Part 4 of Study Skills

If you read the book, should you also watch the videos?


First, it always helps to cover the same material again in a different media. This will strengthen your understanding and memory.

Here, you will discover many strategies are presented in a different way, often with new and helpful insights. The first video, Get Excited About Learning includes a very important strategy not found in the book.