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Weekly Study Tips

Summer Tip 1: Setting Goals

Whether you are in Middle School, High School, College, or other – You should begin by setting goals.

In Straight A’s Are Not Enough, the five characteristics of meaningful goals are described as being specific, related to your other goals, challenging, realistic, and taken seriously.

Now is a good time to list your summer goals. By the end of the summer you should have also created your goals for the next school year.  To get you started, let me suggest a few.

1. If you are heading to college, make a list of questions about college that you would really like to know. Plan ways to find some o your answers. Some will have to wait until you get there. If you are still in high school or already in college, you might list questions about some of the classes you will be taking.

2. You might spend time reflecting on what you’d like to study in college and what sorts of careers you’d be most interested in. Find people in these careers and talk to them. How much do they earn? What education did they need. Do they still love what they’re doing.

3. If you are in college or planning to go to college, read books about college. Visit colleges,  and make lists of scholarships you can apply for.  Too many students think they can only apply for scholarships when they are in college.

Too many younger students think they need to wait until they are seniors. There are a few scholarships for middle schoolers and  younger, more for students in high school, and many you can’t even apply for until you are a sophomore or older.