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Comments or Questions

From Earlier Comments

Lynda C.:  Judy, how exciting that you will be in Greensboro. I hope we will be able to attend your book signing. We bought a book online for our granddaughter who is about to enter college this fall after her amazing gap year experience around the world.

Adelaide F.:  Thanks regarding offering this kind of amazing subject material.

Steve S.: Judy…read some of Straight A’s while waiting in Dr. Ducoin’s office. Bought copy and will finish reading shortly. I’m a 77 year old, married and retired. I found the 1st 50 pages insightful as to why I managed to live an interesting and successful life. I have a BA in Psych, MA in Philosophy.  Spent my early life in poverty, somewhat culturally deprived, but my life gives evidence that human potential can be actualized. Straight A’s is a great contribution to education and critical thinking.