About the Author

Judy Fishel was a seventh grader when she first asked why she worked so hard, made good grades, but learned so little.  Soon, she came to the conclusion that learning was more important than grades.Photo of Judy Fishel, author of the book

She struggled with this question through
high school, college, graduate school and
for years as an award-winning teacher.

When she retired, she finally had the time to do the necessary research. Then she created two websites: www.BreakthroughLearningCollege.com and www.BreakthroughLearningHS.com   to share what she had learned.

After several years, she discovered a new avenue of research. She began to explore  how recent studies of the brain help us understand what happens when we learn – or don’t learn.

In her book and now, in her videos,  she shares her discoveries and insights with you.

Colleges and Degrees

When you count all the schools where I have taken at least one class, the number is up to 17 colleges. This was due to moving often and to regularly needing to update teaching credentials. This list shows all colleges I attended for at least two years and all schools where I earned a degree.

University of Florida
University of Chicago: AB Philosophy
Chicago State University: South: MA School Guidance
Bridgewater State College: Bridgewater, MA: MS Biology
Brown University: MA in ESL and Cross Cultural Studies (Thesis on teaching Critical Thinking)

And what else would you like to know?

As we moved around, I had the opportunity to teach in many places. In the US, I taught in Chicago, Ohio, California, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. We spent eight years in Asia where I was Vice Principal in an International School (elementary) in the Philippines. Next, I taught in the Marshall Islands, first in an elementary school with no chairs and no textbooks and then, in a high school much like American schools.

My husband and  I both taught in short weekend workshops and some 6-week long schools in many countries. This meant having the opportunity to live from several months to 4 years in Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, India, and the Marshall Islands. We also taught short courses in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

As a teacher, I spent most of the time teaching Middle School or High School math or science. A few times I taught preschool or elementary school. While teaching middle school in Rhode Island, I twice won  Presidential Awards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (once for elementary, once for secondary math).

What do I do for fun?

My husband and I both enjoy bird-watching and travel. So far, we’ve been on bird-watching trips on all continents except for Australia and South America. I love reading mysteries and plan to write one when I have time. And, of course, we enjoy spending time with our two children and four grandchildren. We live in Florida in the winter months, in the town where I grew up, and we spend summers in the mountains of western North Carolina where it is a bit cooler than in Florida.