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Welcome to Choose-Learning

Many students choose to make good grades in college.  When they choose grades,  they are often trying to please teachers and parents.  And, for some reason,  many of those teachers and parents think grades are more important than learning. They are wrong.

Sometimes students come to realize the truth: While it is good to make good grades, Learning is more important than grades. They Choose Learning.

We hope that you, too, will Choose Learning. This is the path to deeper understanding, to a more lasting memory,  and to getting a Great Education. And, yes, it can also lead to better grades.

The Website is based on the book,    Straight A's Are Not Enough Front Cover
Straight A’s Are Not Enough:

It takes a radically different approach to study skills, mainly for college students but we welcome learners of all ages to read the book, watch the videos, and explore the website.

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About the Website

Choose-Learning is a website for college students
and learners of all ages who believe that Five students, new friends, are having fun
learning is more important than grades and who want to get a great education.

If you are a High School student, you will also find the book helpful especially if you are preparing for college or if you are taking advanced or college level classes.

Teachers, professors, parents and others may find the information on this website interesting and useful.

About the Blog

Blogs are added only occasionally. If you would like to write a blog, that would be wonderful. Please check with me first on the topic.